What is Future Hits?
In a sentence, we are a (secretly) educational rock band whose songs align to phonics and social emotional learning themes–sorta like cookies with some veggies baked into them.
If you want to want to see Future Hits in action, watch the video on this page.

My name is Matt Baron and I am the creator of Future Hits (an educational music program, curricula, and rock band). I have a master's degree in Education and nine years teaching experience in public schools. My songs and educational materials have been used in hundreds of classrooms by thousands of students. The educational materials are perfect for children in grades K-2 but engage all learners including those with varying levels of English proficiency and those with special learning needs.


My bandmates (Emma Hospelhorn, Nick Kabat and Ben Sutherland) and I have released three albums, one educational workbook, and have performed in locations as far and wide as Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, the Galápagos Islands, China, Norway, and more!


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