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Matt Baron worked in logistics sales for years until he realized cold-calling in business parks wasn't his calling.


He decided to pursue teaching to share his love of learning with students of all language backgrounds (plus some structured time off to write and perform music!).

In his first year teaching for Chicago Public Schools, Matt began writing standards-based songs with corresponding activities to teach his English as a New Language students as well as the general population of kids at his school.

This led to Future Hits, a heartfelt (yet secretly educational!) band whose sound has been likened to what Yo La Tengo and the Velvet Underground would sound like if they started a band whose main audience was children--and more simply as "Death Cab for Kindergarten."


Since 2011, Matt and his bandmates Emma Hospelhorn, Ben Sutherland, and Nick Kabat have written nearly 70 songs, released three albums, presented and led professional development programs, provided Future Hits Enrichment programs in countless classrooms and after-school settings, and played shows in Chicago, San Francisco, New York, China, and even the Galápagos Islands.


We'd love to include you in the Future Hits story, so please have a listen and say hello! 

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