Get your kids' (and yours) brains sweating with this rich bundle of close read activities. Use Future Hits' debut album as the texts and watch people's minds expand as you go through the guided questions. Ideal for emerging readers and music and poetry-type lessons for kids a bit older.


Educational gurus Doug Fisher and Nancy Frey state: "Close reading is an instructional routine in which students critically examine a text, especially through repeated readings. The primary objective of close reading is to afford students with the opportunity to assimilate new textual information with their existing background and prior experiences to expand their schema."


In layman's terms, close reading is a fantastic way to engage a variety of children of different ages and learning levels with one piece of text, in this case, Future Hits songs. Lessons written by actual teachers and utilized in dozens of classrooms.


Access Future Hits' music gratis via Apple or Spotify and, if you're old school and want to support the arts, you can buy our debut CD, Songs for Learning, on our shop page. Takk!

Close Reading Bundle + Lyric Sheets

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