"Every child I play this for is simply entranced, and my inner kid is sold." -Jake Austen, Roctober Magazine

What is Future Hits?

Future Hits is a dynamic educational rock band whose songs build important language skills while cultivating children's love for learning. Each song is tailored to develop literacy, increase English language fluency, and highlight Social Emotional Learning concepts in a fun, engaging way. Each song corresponds with an innovative learning activity, effectively igniting the hearts and minds of all.

Educational music video for "Morning Ritual"

Watch "Chef Matt" star in a video for Paul Kahan's nonprofit Pilot Light, directed by Ian James Ellis (Sesame Street)

Listen to Future Hits' bilingual album here. Download and CD available now.

Future Hits Enrichment

Matt In Classroom Photo By Peter Thompson

"Catchy, convincing, lively, and lovable, Future Hits is the most entertaining, educational, and energetic literacy enrichment program to come along in years. If you're like every adult I've shared it with, you'll look around for the nearest children...and feel like one yourself." - Stacy Ratner, Open Books and Chicago Literacy Alliance

Future Hits Enrichment is an educational program that's available in English and Spanish and can be used in the following settings: After-School Enrichment, Parent Programs, Family Nights, Assemblies, School Workshops and Homeschooling. Our program offers and can help to:

  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Build literacy through music
  • Reach English and Spanish-speaking learners with bilingual songs
  • Differentiated assessments and activities
  • Emphasis on Social Emotional Learning
  • Meet all learners at their developmental and language level
  • Taught by professional musicians and teachers
  • Implemented by Chicago Public Schools, Montessori, Suburban School Districts, Columbia College and Urban Gateways

Contact Matt Baron on the adjacent form or e-mail him to implement Future Hits Enrichment in your learning community.

"While entertainment is the [music's] main goal, education is also important." -School Library Journal

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