Future Hits is a (secretly) educational rock band and curricula-provider whose songs align to phonics and social emotional learning themes–sorta like cookies with veggies baked into them.

"Relevant, standards-aligned, and reaches children of all learning and language levels in meaningful and memorable ways–there’s nothing quite like Future hits. Kids sing along in no time!” 
-James Grey / parent + former principal & teacher

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“Part activity book, part songbook, part textbook, Songs For Learning! gives kids a ton of ways to have fun while learning, and will have them singing along the whole time (and reading, and drawing, and writing, and in all likelihood dancing, too). I think it's a great idea, I'm surprised others haven't done this. Now that I've seen [the book], I can't see it being done any other way.”


Jeffrey Brown, Author and illustrator of Cat Getting Out of a Bag, Cats are Weird, and Darth Vader™ and Son

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