Chicago, Illinois | | © 2020 by Future Hits

Fun, bilingual, and (secretly!) educational

A Chicago-based kids' band with a global reach 

@ 10:30 a.m.

April 25, 2020


with guest Angela James

Tailored to build important language skills while cultivating kids' love for learning  

"An educational rock powerhouse"

-Chicago Reader

Every Future Hits song is tailored to develop literacy, increase English language fluency, and highlight Social Emotional Learning concepts in a fun, engaging way. The music corresponds with innovative and differentiated learning activities, effectively igniting the hearts and minds of all.

"You think educational band;
you think boring. Well think again, and then go listen to the unique spin this Chicago-based band is putting down."
-Out With The Kids

"Future Hits is the new face of innovative kid's music that parents can enjoy too."

-Red Tricycle

"Catchy, convincing, lively, and lovable."
-Stacy Ratner,
Open Books and Chicago Literacy Alliance